Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Collect Moments, Not Things

My two "happy places", one is the happiest place on earth... Disneyland of course, and the second is San Diego, CA.  Getting a chance to go to both, one after another made me one happy girl!

Now, who isn't happy walking down the streets of Disneyland with holly hanging across main street.  A giant Christmas tree.  A castle covered in lights (every girl's dream!).  And Small World decorated in the most adorable Christmas setup I've ever seen! Your heart and eyes just light up with excitement as you skip down Main Street with the people you love.  It's just an amazing feeling.  Like being a kid again and forever.

Then I got to spend an entire week in my favorite place in the whole world right now... San Diego.  Literally the one place that helps me escape any stress I may be going through.  My favorite place to be is on those cliffs and looking out at the sunset with sea mist kissing my skin and looking out into the vast horizon of an infinite ocean.  It puts life into a whole new perspective.  As the sun goes down, so do my problems, stresses, and everything that might be on my mind.  As I stare out into the horizon I feel like my options in life are infinite.  I can do whatever I decide to do from that point on.

This week a few things were taken from me.  Things I have considered essential to my every day routine, essential to me feeling pretty, essential to me feeling a spark of joy as I purchased or used each item. Yes... if you know me... you know I'm talking about my makeup! (moment of silence here in remembrance of those beauties) I also happened to lose a few other things that I had either purchased on my blissful Disneyland hauls with annual pass holder discounts (sigh... that coffee mug was just a "belle") or had packed into that bag out of convenience.

It does feel horrible to not have your things anymore.  And trust me adding up how much money I had spent on all of it was not exactly consoling.  But I began to realize (barefaced and in my favorite city) I'm enjoying all the natural things in my life that bring me joy.  I didn't come here to look like a Barbie doll walking down the street.  I came to spend time with my girls.  To be in my "happy place".   To escape the things in life that complicate it.  Get this, to my surprise...as I actually was walking down the street, barefaced and inhaling the ocean air, a complete stranger stopped me just to say "I have to let you know, you look really cute today." And let me tell you, that smile could not have been smacked off my face for some time afterwards.

Everything that was taken are things that do bring me happiness in the sense that I enjoy getting dolled up and doing make up.  But, it's accepting your natural beauty that brings that happiness to you.  Created in His image, it's this face that is perfect.  Not the one I layer makeup on.  It's little things like being able to step on the beach under the warm sun in the winter.  Watching the sun set and feeling free.   Inhaling the smell of the ocean and embracing the vastness of that horizon.

It's all about collecting those small moments that make you happy. Not the things that may bring you contemporary satisfaction.  Its the smiles a simple comment can bring.  The moments of clarity in your head that come from the sunset.  Cooking dinner with and for your friends as you chat and sip on a glass of wine.  The skipping through Main Street linking arms and belting out Christmas songs with not a care of who sees or hears you because you are wearing your magical Mickey ears and that's how we role through Disneyland. It's that moment when you look at someone who knows you, who you know, in which you just fully accept all of each other and for no reason what so ever, you just burst out laughing.

It's those moments worth collecting.  It's those moments that keep us truly happy.


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