Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Let's Journey Through

Journey Through...

A blog not about fashion. Not about cheaper ways to eat, exercise, travel, what have you, but rather a blog about me.  A journey through me.  An inside view of all the things I love and want to share with the world.

Who knows, this possibly could be a way for myself to really find who I am.  To weave through all the obstacles in life, pick up on the important things and pull through the difficult things, and somehow become the me I was created to be.

Something we all struggle with is finding our "real" selves.  Finding that identity that fits with who we want to be and what's expected of us.  Who we are... in general, towards others, within ourselves.  Who we like. What we like. What we believe (now that's a tough one). For many people this isn't a dificult thing to do or figure out.  For others there is a bit more to it.

All in all we go through life questioning everything we do or that others do.  We question the things that happen to us and to others.  We are curious creatures and there is no denying it.  Our curious minds take us through winding roads, dark paths, sun filled meadows, fish filled seas (wow, look at me trying to be poetic). In one way or another we all have our own story.

Well let me propose this... Let's "journey through".

"Through" what? Well, EVERYTHING! LIFE!

And thats just it.  That's exactly what this is about. The journey through LIFE.  My life.  My adventures, struggles, random thoughts, and everything inbetween.  But in the end I hope that it somehow relates to you.  In whatever it may be that you need it for.

Being a lover of the written word, and quite honestly being ready to embark on a new journey (see what I did there) in something I've always wanted to just do, well I guess here I am actually doing it! Can you believe it?! I can't... but I'm excited!

So raise that glass up high, here's to LIFE full of adventures, Cheers!




  1. I'm excited to join you on this journey! I have no doubts that you will provide interesting pieces. Congrats!

    1. Thank you :). I really do appreciate it.