Friday, January 10, 2014

The F word...

To ring in my first post of the year, let me begin by saying that I have come up with a million and one ideas on what to write.  I began writing a few posts and never felt they were ready to be shared.  They sit in my drafts until the right moment... (stay tuned).  But at odd hours of the night I'm hit by inspiration, as I wind down to sleep, I reflect on things from my day.  I had a day full of up and down emotions.  Exhaustion.  Alertness.  Anxiety.  Happiness.  Anger.  Hopefulness.  Sympathy. Joyousness.  Annoyance.  And what have you. (Yes, I'm a complete wreck at times... I'll admit it.) But I realized something when thinking back through my day.  I thought back to my day at work, my drive home, my daily face to face catch up with my mom (despite the fact we email or text throughout the day anyway), chats with my dad and brothers, and finally a nice little get together with my uncle, and cousins, and brothers (oh my!) at one of our favorite restaurants on a Thursday night for some live acoustics.

In my wise, old age of 23 (a month away from 24... if I might add) I have come to the conclusion that there is one word that I have come to accept as encompassing all that is important to me in life.  One word that would help describe what I am made of.  One word that means so much more than just a word.  It's the one constant and concrete thing in my life.


To some this may be a network of few.  To some it is a number of small networks.  No matter how you see it, who it's made up of, big or small.  It will always be your family.  The people you chose to keep there, or the people that were birth given to you.  Family will always be specific to the one calling it family.  Take mine for example, regardless of if I had a choice or not who was in it.... it's an entire universe.  My universe.  Why a universe? well simply because my family is irreplaceable to me.

Family doesn't necessarily have to be your mom and dad, siblings, uncle and aunts, cousins, and the list goes on.  Family is the people who have been there your whole life or for a short while that showed you that you are important to them and who have taken a special part in your life.  I am blessed to say that my "family" is made of pretty much those I am blood related to (and was fortunate enough to be born into the relationship).  God, however has also blessed me with some amazing people that through my whole life course I have absorbed into my family.

No matter what it may be that I am going through in life, the good times and the bad, I know I can call them at any time of day to talk about it.  They will genuinely be interested and want to help.  I have noticed that as a family we experience each others lives.  If one person is suffering, we all suffer for them.  If one of us is nervous, we are all nervous and calming each other down.  When one person goes through an amazing event, through those stories (and trust me we LOVE stores...some more than others) we all experience it.  A win for one is a win for all!

When everything has gone right in life, they are the first I want to call.  They have taught me the lessons in life that have helped me face any situation and the lessons I've learned I've shared with them. The motivation to face any situation comes with knowing the support, no matter the outcome, will always be there.

At the end of the day... No matter what emotions I may have encountered.  No matter what faces or experiences I have encountered.  The only people I really want to share everything with is my family.  I know that I will always have in them a long number of things. They are for me...
My support system.
My spine.
My wisdom.
My happiness.
My friends.
My diary.
My psychologist.
My teacher.
And the only thing that can truly make me go insane and ballistic and from one second to the next... Just like that (snap fingers here) it's like nothing ever happened and we are laughing again.

My family is my life line.

This year I will strive to experience it all with them.  Anything that life throws at me I do with and for them.  So as this new year begins... I am excited to experience my Family!


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  1. That was beautiful, mija. I love you. You are my sunshine!