Monday, January 20, 2014

Why Blog...

I've been asked the question a few times already.  I've actually been asked a few questions in regards to the subject.  Why do I blog?  What made me start the blog?  etc., etc., etc... Well here is the answer...

I like to write.  This allows me to write, about whatever it is that captures my attention. About whatever it may be that conjugates a thought into my head.  It's a way of keeping my mind stimulated.  Not only am I searching and paying attention more to what is around me to see if anything is worth writing about, but I also get to use my mind while writing.

You see I have a process with this.  I come up with an idea and I'll jot down the notes quickly onto anything thats available.  Then I start thinking, what can I add to this, what can I say to make it interesting.  I like to write as though I'm conversing with you, my readers, because essentially, that is what this is.  Its an easier way for me to communicate everything I feel the need to say.  And in all honesty, its easier for me to communicate certain thoughts through my writing rather than through speech.  It's that ability to be able to manipulate my words, edit my thoughts, and really get my mind straight on a subject before I actually "say it" that make it appealing to me.  I'm known for being brutally honest, something I would say I consider to be a good quality that I possess (though some may not see it that way).  Well, now I can do that, and be choosey with how I say things!

But when it comes down to it, the real reason I do this, it's a challenge.  It's something I would have never thought I would convince myself to share so much with others so openly.  I tend to hold things to myself until I reach a certain level of "friendship" (for lack of a better word) with a person.  A certain level of trust.  Well this is me challenging myself to open up.  To stick with something through a long period of time.  To challenge my writing ability.  To challenge my mind.

I want to share things with people that I experience.  I want to let you into my passions, my fascinations, my view on things.  I want to be excited about something and have others realize the excitement, and share it with me!

Recently a college graduate, I needed something that would stimulate my mind again.  I find myself learning and challenged through blogging.  I learn more about myself, what I want in life, the things I find most important to me.  I find myself thinking deeply about things just to see where I really stand on the subject.  In a way, these blogs are speaking to me, the me I somehow haven't yet convinced of my ideas and views, the me who still searches for answers.  Yet, when I write, I find myself wanting to reach out to all of you as well.  See I want my writing to not only help me through every thought, but possibly help you through the same thoughts.  Not to convince you on my point of view on the matter but rather to give you a perspective that can help you find your own point of view, no matter what it may be.

I feel confident to share this with more of you now.  I'm happy to have received such good feedback so far from all my readers.  This blog being basically my heart and soul, my inner thoughts, the side of me I have a tougher time opening up about, sharing it with all of you and being applauded for it...
Wow. Just, WOW!   I dont even know what to say other than thank you all.


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