Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Wanderlust-noun \ˈwän-dər-ˌləst\
a strong desire or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.
Deriving from a combination of a German word wandern, to wander, and the word lust, to desire, pleasure.

Now needless to say I "suffer" from this... and by suffer I mean this is something I will have for the rest of my life, it is incurable, and I would have it no other way!  I dream of seeing the world and filling my pasport.  To step foot on every continent. To pin on a map every place I've been and hardly see the map but rather a world of markings, foot prints of where I've been and what I've seen.  I want to travel and learn and experience and become a part of a culture.  I want to eat what the world eats, taste it, hate it, love it, it really doesn't matter to me but I want to experience my food in other countries.  I yern to hear other languages and become completely consumed into a culture which I know nothing of.  I long for the sight of the beauty that has been created by God because only He Himself could create such marvels.  My eyes beg for the sight of the people in a world completely different from mine.  To behold the beauty which lies with in the differenciation of features, tones, curves, everything there is to make them beautiful in their own way.

Living in the United States, we are exposed to only a glimps of everything there is for us to see.  Only a taste of everything our tongues can experience.  Only a faint whisper of all we can hear.  Though we are lucky to have such diversity, we still can not claim to have seen the world.

As said by St. Augustine, "The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page."
We are given an entire world to enjoy and experience. Yet, very few go out to discover it. I refuse to be one of those who does not at least attempt to see it. If I could do one thing... if I had no limitations and I had no restraints, I would take a year off and travel the world. The pure bliss it would bring to me!  

Once you get a taste of what is out there, its hard to not wonder what else there is.  I see pictures and hear about the beauty of so many places, but its not enough to quench my thirst.  I want to see more! I want to BE THERE!  I want to have stories to share with everyone.  I want to travel the world and meet everyone once, share my stories with them and hear their stories as well.  

You see I've currently been developing this.... "obsession" if you will, with maps, globes, anything with the image of the world.  I want to be able to spin the globe, close my eyes, point a finger to stop it from spinning, and book a flight to whatever continent, country, city it lands on.  I think in my mind, surrounding myself with the images of the world might get me just that much closer to actually seeing it!  You know how they say "you are what you eat" or the spanish saying "di me con quien andas y te digo quien eres" (essencially, tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are)... well ya, I'm hoping that applies to me surrounding myself with anything worldly/map related.  I believe that by surrounding myself with thing regarding the world will eventually lead me to being a world traveler, a cultured person, someone who has seen and met every kind of person that there is to meet.  (Is that weird?)  But really, I do believe this is true... so don't burst my bubble... I believe in this method people!

So as you can see... I "suffer" from this beautiful thing called Wanderlust.  This thing that puts that sparkle in my eye as I speak of it.  This thing that makes my heart pitter patter (and go bidi bidi bam bam).  This thing that drives my mind insane.  My mind constantly wonders off to vacation spots that I've yet to experience.  I read articles and stare at pictures of places that are so mysterious to me, so far away from me, yet so close that it hurts to not just take off and be there.  Yes BE.  Because there is no other way of experiencing such a marvelous thing without BEING a part of every little detail your adventure has in store for you.

Journey through ("suffer") with me on the adventures we all may take.  Embrace the Wanderlust.  Embrace the madness it causes in you.  It's one of those "it hurts so good" kind of desires... trust me.  I know I'm ready to start my journey... and a foreign adventure is in store for me... (back to the mother land for a week... eeek I can't wait).  I'm ready for that passport to start to fill up.  So be ready for photos and stories and to journey through with me.


P.S. I found it fit to post about my greatest passion today that it is my birthday (yay!!! 24!)... with that said... a resolution, or promise to myself, to travel more, see more, learn more, and experience more in this next year of life God has given me!
Birthday gift to myself: a trip to the motherland... let the journey begin! Passport, check! Suitcase, check! Wanderlust, CHECK CHECK!!


  1. So excited for your hunger and drive to wanna see the world I have the same desire but I feel its more than a desire a NEED to get out and explore see and everything the world has to offer, must be the Pisces in us lol, but like I said im excited/happy/anxious for your trip to brazil so you can come back and share all of your stories with me :))))


    1. Thank you so much AD! It definately has to be the Pisces in us! I can't wait to share my trip stories with you!!

  2. As you can tell, I haven't read your blogs in awhile and finally getting to them now. I have been missing out! When you write and tell your story, you paint a picture that allows the reader to go with you on your journey and adventures. I am not a reader by nature so sitting down and reading a good book is challenging. But you have a gift. Keep writing. ..continue your passion for life and I know one day, I will be reading your published book!

    1. Thank you! I definately will continue to write... it's truly a passion and it feels nice to know I have touched/inspired people. Maybe someday a published book will be in the cards! Fingers crossed!