Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Smile

S - ee
M - iracles
I - n
L - ife
E - veryday

"We may never know all the good that a simple smile can do." - Mother Teresa

We hear of people passing all the time. It's a natural part of life.  Not so long ago I heard of the loss of an old friend.  In events likes this, when a young life is taken, you realize life is short and we should live it to the fullest.  We shouldn't spend our days stressing over the petty things.  The materialistic things.  We need to reminisce on the times we've spent being happy with people.  The times people have made you laugh.  The times a place has made you feel at peace. The times you've made a person's day.  We should all go forward with each morning thinking "today will be a great day and I will smile to everyone I see" and hopefully that can trickle down and they can also make someone's day a little brighter. 

The reason I bring this up is because the old friend who has passed, though we were not close, always made me laugh, always made me smile.  Though we did not interact as much and have not seen or talked in ages, I still picture that smile.  So genuine and so BIG!  It's what has always stuck with me about him.

I began to think of the lasting effect I would like to leave with people.  Not necessarily when I pass, but in my everyday interactions with people.  So that if they have not seen or spoken to me in a while that there is still something that I leave behind, that I've imprinted into their memory of me.  And why shouldn't that be a smile!  

They say if you smile as you speak on the phone that you sound happier.  If you walk around with a smile on your face, you look happy.  If you smile to everyone you see in the morning, I mean like a genuine smile, you can help them start their day off in a good mood.  So why don't we all smile more often!?

Life takes a toll on us when we don't decide to take control of our own happiness. There are many reasons why a person wouldn't be smiling. But just think of how you feel after someone has made you smile. Think of the how much happiness forces a smile out of you when you see someone else's smile. Think of how good it feels after a genuine laugh. That down in your gut cramping feeling from laughing so hard, those tears that stream down your face... nothing like that kind of laugh. Doesn't it make you just want to share happiness everywhere?!  

So why not make it happen with a smile. A simple and natural thing. Yet it's so powerful. Different on every face you meet. A signature to everyone's face. Why wouldn't it be memorable?  Why shouldn't mine be remembered?  

I need a little reminder myself sometimes to smile. And there are plenty of things that make me smile!  I should live every day, every second with a smile on my face ( ok, honestly that's tough on the cheeks... take it from a formal pageant girl... smiling constantly for a couple of hours is no easy task!).  But, when you allow yourself to truely smile at someone as you walk by or greet them, well believe me that smile will be noticed no matter how brief it may be.

Just think about all the things that make you smile.  It's never just one thing and its always the least obvious things.  I love it when I'm having a rough day and it's like the people closest to me can just tell. I can literally walk through a room and not say a thing but immediately someone will say or do something that just makes everything better.  I instantly start laughing and smiling and my whole day just turns around.  Makes me want to pay it forward, to make someone else's day.

Have a ripple effect on the happiness of those who surround you. Be the kind of person who can bring happiness to someone's life.  Be the smile that changes a persons morning or makes someone's day.  Because a genuine smile is always remembered. It can and it will touch peoples hearts.


P.S. While looking for a quote for this blog, I swear I saw pictures of the most beautiful smiles on children.  It brought the BIGGEST smile to my face!  I honestly suggest just looking up smiles if you are feeling down.  It's a total mood changer!

P.S.S. I know i've been slacking on writing lately.... and I'm not sure why. Maybe I just feel like there are other things going on that need more of my attention, but I'm starting to realize I need to write more.  It makes me happy and I love to share with you all.  So, that said, I promise to start posting again!  Thank you all for the support and for reading.  I really am happy you all enjoy getting inside my head a little... especially because you just never know what you are gonna get from this girl. :)

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