Friday, April 18, 2014

Fashion Files: Avarcas

So I would like to introduce you all to a new kind of post. You all get to see my serious side mixed with a little optimism and sarcasm here and there. But now I wanna show you the side of me that's a little obsessed with fashion! (And I may reveal my shopping addiction on the way... Ok I just admitted to it. But if you know me, well you know me and retail therapy. Lol)

First fashion file is dedicated to my new fascination. A pair of shoes that I had never seen before until this year (a Pinterest find) and that I am now utterly obsessed with. 


These super cute, totally different, comfy sandals of mine originate from Spain.  The shoe has been around since 1945. They are also called Albarcas and Menorquinas after the island they originate from, the Spanish island Menorca. These leather beauties were originally used by the countrymen and farmers of the area. But now they are used by everyone!  If you are interested in a little more about their story, here is the Avarcas USA website.  It will give you an idea of how they have come to the USA.  Yes, I did read up on these shoes one afternoon as my obsession and need for them grew and grew out of nowhere.  

And I mean come one, the fact that they come from Spain, made there and everything, and I'm slightly REALLY into Spain (the national futbol team is no exception) and hoping I get to travel there some day soon.  I mean how perfect is that... I want to go to Spain. So obviously I had to find a way to bring a little piece of Spain to me since right now I obviously am not able to be there. 

But anyways... back to these shoes...

So Avarcas aren't exactly the most affordable sandal.  If you have gone to their website (link is above) then you would see they are a bit pricier. But determined as I was... I found them on eBay for like $25!! And in this adorable "Curry Yellow" color which on the site is refered to as "Saffron"! I love yellow! It's a happy color. So to find them at a great price, in a color I love, and in MY size.... I mean I had to buy those babies! 

I have discovered that it's actually very easy for me to wear these sandals of mine. I almost want to wear them with everything! And they are actually quite comfortable too.  I have added only a few ways that I have worn them... but honestly I just haven't taken pictures of every outfit I've worn them with.  They go with my maxi dresses and skirts, my jeans (of all colors), and even with shorts.  I'm shocked I haven't worn them in like a nautical style yet... let me tell you I have a vision for my navy and white striped shirt and my red pants paired with my cute, little, yellow avarcas.  But thats just one I said they look so cute with so much.  I may just have to get them in more colors!  Their site has a photo of a girl with her cute little beach cruiser, a maxi skirt, and some purple avarcas... can I just say OMG that is so gonna be my next color! Or maybe the sand colored ones... or black... I mean honestly I just want them all.

Here are a few ways I wore them. 

Well readers of mine... I hope you enjoyed my little ramble and new form of posting.  Obviously I'm not going to be posting fashion files every week.  But I really am slightly obsessive when it comes to fashion... so expect them to trickle in once in a while.  Now don't all run out on a search for avarcas... but if you do, I'm really excited for you guys because I'm just totally in love with mine and I know you will be too.


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