Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cocoa "Friends-y"

In honor of National Coffee Day... I accompanied my beff (best effn friend forever) to one of our favorite coffee shops. The Coffee Garden... let me tell you has the best tuxedo mocha. I'm not much of a coffee drinker (don't do well with too much caffeine so I tried it decaf... Not that I'd know if that really even makes a difference) but this was like a Mexican hot chocolate with a hint of white chocolate. Bomb!!

 Anyways... this friend of mine somehow always has me talking and thinking about just everything under the stars.  Never a dull moment with us. And I started thinking... I've got to get out of the writers block funk I'm in lately. It's nice to have people who can inspire you write about so many things. And to think that you may influence them to do the same. I gifted this friend of mine a journal so that she can write down her ideas and thoughts and work through some of those thoughts herself.  And I've got to admit I like her idea.

I never really thought of myself to be an influential person in other peoples lives. But then I remembered why I started to like writing my blog in the first place.   I felt like maybe someday... somewhere... someone would be touched. And I really hope that's true.  I don't want everyone to do the same things I do, say the same things I do, write the same way I do... but I do want them to feel comfortable with themselves in the same way that my writing makes me feel.  People can express themselves in so many different ways. For me writing has always been that way and I feel fortunate to have found the courage to actually start my blog and do this for myself and for everyone else to enjoy. 

But enough of the sappy stuff... what I really want to say is that I've got so many ideas going on through my head right now that I'm ready to start writing again.  I mean I've gone through Scottish accents, to books, to dogs trying to pee in bushes, to cute coffee cups, to flowers all around me in just one conversation. Needless to say it was an interesting night.  We talked about fashion funks, daring hair moves, Instagram pictures, photography tips, just taking better pictures in general, planning vacations, our outlook on dating, and people having kids and getting married way too young nowadays (or is that just our own insecurities), either way... I wanna write a book for y'all!  

I wanna try something out. I've been so concentrated on being inspirational lately that I,ve reached a road block. So I will do something different and try a few things that aren't. I'm talking about the second nature to myself type things. Like clothing for the new season. The books I've enjoyed. Make up. Travel plans. Trust me I've got a lot of ideas. 

So hopefully I'll be having more to show for the new fall season. So stay tuned... let's continue the journey.  

Just a few photos of the "garden"...


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Let's Ride!

I've been going through a few stressful yet exciting things for anyone's life lately. (Sorry for the scarcity of my writing... the stress has given me writers block) however I've got to admit the good outweighs the bad!  I'm extremely happy with the changes in this life of mine. I have been working in a new and interesting area at work. And after a couple months of being there, I got a promotion. Let me tell you... having a degree is always beneficial! It definitely came in handy with qualifications for this promotion and for a higher pay scale!  WOOP WOOP!!!  But the real point of this... with the raise it's time to buy a car! I started off car shopping (online) for a while now. And who would have known it is such a stressful process!  (Or is it that I have a fear of commitment... new trait I'm discovering... and can't seem to make up my mind on what I want!?) It's exciting none the less.

I have found this to be quite the learning experience. Not only about cars and what to look for and about budgeting and what not. I've learned a lot about myself. 

New discovered traits:
Fear of commitment
Money thoughts/talk stress me out
Not ready for grown up decisions (ok I am... I just don't like the idea of having to make them)
Expensive taste (ok ok everyone already knew this.. I'm just admitting it)

Anyways. It has definitely been interesting. Big decisions in life, whether it's just big to you or if it is to everyone, can seriously take a toll on someone. Literally consume your every thought. I've gotten to the point where old stresses have been haunting me (like "what do I have for homework" freak outs... FYI I graduated over a year ago!). I even wake up on the weekends startled thinking I'm late to work! (I just started working full time... still not used to it.) But I will admit to having that tingly feeling of excitement deep down in my gut... like butterflies. Well really it's the feeling I get anytime I buy something new! But this, this is a big shiny NEW CAR!  

I have to admit though... Like always I've had a lot of support from my family and friends. I can never make big decisions without consulting those around me. Somehow their support and their approval helps me make these decisions and in the end feel good about it.  I ended up choosing the Ford Escape 2014!

In reality I just wrote this to brag a little... show off my new toy... and mostly because I've been excited driving my new car around.

So I present to you, my dear readers, (voice from the Price is Right) my SHINEY NEW CAR!!!