Sunday, October 26, 2014

Of Trees and Tresses

Trees and Me:
Fall is here and this girl could not be happier.  I love the cooling down in the weather.  The warmer drinks and the bundled up clothes.  Scarves!!!  And Nature! The colors of fall have to be some of the most beautiful! Leaves begin to fall and decorate our lawns and drive ways.  It's a wonderful sight to see.  I am definately the type to want change as the seasons do.  So I finally took a balls-y chance!  Like the trees shed their leaves, I shed my hair! A good 10 inches of it to be exact!

I've been talking about it for a while... but those close to me know how precious my hair is to me.  So when I told my best friend that I pretty much would have to be forced to do it... she took matters into her own hands.  Never have I gone to an appointment and pretty much just not needed to tell the hairstylist anything other than that I was ready for a change.  She already knew what I came in for.  And that was perfect because I probably would have backed out last minute.

Either way I have to admit this hair cut makes me feel 10 lbs. lighter... because that is probably how much hair was cut off.  But seriously I feel amazing. I feel liberated.  I feel like I finally did something that was really a change!  And the color is perfect for fall.

New Season! New Me! Turning over a new leaf! (haha see what I did there)

Speaking of fall hair!...

I thought I could take advantage of this short post boasting about my NEW hair (can you tell I'm over excited about it) and talk a little about some fall hair trends I'm digging.

We've all been seeing the darker hair come out, shorter cuts, extensions put in, and so on.  Everyone is going for a change. But I think this fall I have a different approach to my hair goals.  Here are some of my favorite looks for fall!

Color and cuts:
I think I'm still partial to the whole Balayage Ombre hair style. Truth is that it adds depth to the hair and still highlights the face. However, unlike highlights its more of a subtle change form the natural tone at the root to a lighter looks unintentional and is very low maintenance.  Even though people think they must go dark for fall... though I can admit I do like darker for fall and winter,  this kind of hair coloring can last all year long.  And the best part, you can really use any color you would like so it suits everyone's style and preference and for all seasons.

As far as cuts go... these are all medium length hair, because in reality hair is beautiful in any length, long, short, shoulder length. Here you get an idea of how this style of color would work in any length, short to long.  But I like this length and slightly shorter for the fall season.  You no longer need those long mermaid locks for the beach, or to have those perfect beach waves.  And hey, if the trees shed their leaves for the fall and winter, why can't we shed a few inches off our wavy locks!

As far as styling goes, I'm quite accepting of everything.  But the common theme seems to be low maintenance and easy on-the-go hairstyles.  

I love the look of messy curls and loose waves, or what I learned to call (back in my pageant days...yes pageant) "the 5 minute curl" which at my hair's length peak was more of a 10 minute thing... but now it might actually be 5!  The picture below is something slightly shorter than my current look, however, its just the style I'll be sporting most of the time.  CHIC!! Messy with an edge, and super quick.  The fact it has very little structure makes it simple to do. 

Also in my pageant days we learned to do this quick bun (bottom left)... a twist to a sock bun, no sock involved.  It literally involves a hair tie, a teasing brush or comb, and bobby pins.  Basically, you put your hair at a ponytail wherever you would like the bun to fall.  You drape it over so it covers your entire head (picture the ponytail kind of feathered out like a flower and your hair strands are the many many petals) and tease the underside (which if it was still in a ponytail would be the outside of the ponytail), and from there you just twist the hair around to form a bun. The looser the twist the bigger the bun.  Pin where needed.  This is usually best done with "second day hair", you know those days that you curled your hair the day before and it looked BOMB! but you woke up with flattened curls and maybe slightly greasy roots... yup, this bun will save you!! (and a little dried shampoo, or baby powder.. can help with absorbing the extra oil) This look can be used for any occasion and I think it looks super chic!

And last but not least.  Braids!!! I love braids though my thick, layered hair always would fall out of it.  This obsession may have stemmed from always having braids as a kid.  None the less, the best part is they are easy and can be accessorized to look anywhere from casual chic to classy and elegant.  I just included a long braid, but I've seen so many looks as well that have only bits and pieces of the hair braided and pulled back with hair still loose.  

My favorite tips and tricks:
A lot of people tell me I have super healthy hair. Well I do, but I mean it looks healthy because of how thick it is too. And over all it does have to do with genes.  But here are some things I've found to really work for my hair.
-Apply heat as little as possible.  Natural hair texture and a little hair product can go a long way.
-Do not wash every day.  The natural oils that make our hair greasy are actually good for your hair. There are hairstyles and accessories that can also help hide the grease.
-When washing hair, do not put conditioner at roots.  I will only apply conditioner to my roots maybe 2 times a month.
-Baby powder! Instead of dry shampoo, I use baby powder. Dust it on your hands and pat lightly onto roots or lightly dust onto your hair.  There are many ways of applying it (just don't over apply)  The powder helps absorb the oil so you won't need to wash it every day. (the bun above helps too)
-Hairspray.  Just a couple of sprits of hairspray can hold your style.  Get a strong holding spray which will still leave your hair soft and not harden it to chunks. 
-For messy curls, sprits your hair with a texturizing spray.  Once you have finished, comb out curls with your fingers or tousle them so they separate. Sprits with a bit of hair spray.
-Bobby pins have been used wrong for year! The textured side should actually be the bottom side and the smooth side should be what goes over your hair (the side that would be showing).  Who knew!?

Pinterest is my favorite place to find hair-dos and make up looks... here is my Beauty board.

Well, I have actually really enjoyed writing this because I'm slightly obsessed with all things beauty.  Expect to see more of these little snippets!  With half my hair gone and a "new leaf turned over", I'm ready for the short-haired journey I've come to.


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