Monday, November 3, 2014

The Bucket List...

A bucket list... A list of things to do before you die. Yet I'm more interested in doing all of these before I'm too old to care (who knows what that age actually is).

"If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it.  If you don't ask, the answer is always no.  If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place."

So the term "bucket list" is essentially meant to be a list of things to do before you die. Well I guess I do want to accomplish them before I die... Obvio... but it's not necessarily a list I'd feel rushed to accomplish because "you never know when your day will come". It's more to me a list of ambitions, goals, dreams, things I just essentially imagine being a part of my future. 

A time ago I made a list of goals... a bit of a bucket list. It just contained a lot of things I wanted to be able to accomplish in life, things that may be situational and continuous, some just a one time thing.  Either way this list is what I consider to be something that I would like to base my life on.
Now a lot of these things are a bit personal... but I figure its still something that I should share.  We all have things in life we need to accomplish, things we feel shouldn't be said due to embarrassment or shame... however, if it is what our mind needs to rest, what our heart desires, what our body needs, then maybe there are plenty more out there feeling the same.  And I'm sure you all have wished at some point that maybe there would be someone who could help you through something or just root you on.  So that is why I'm sharing with you all.  To show that no goal is too small, if it is something you want, then write it down and share it. 

I mentioned this is more of a list of goals and things I want to accomplish. Almost a guideline to what I would like my life to be like. Sometimes we just need a little reminder of them. I know I do... Especially when I feel I've lost sight of myself or as if my life is going up and down and all around. 

Clearly I like to write. I jot down things I want to remember. Quotes. Goals. Shopping lists. Songs. It's nice to have little reminders everywhere. And something about a written word, a jotted note, just makes things feel more concrete to me. (Kind of like my blog posts. They affirm my beliefs and clear out/unscramble my thoughts.)

I encourage we all make lists of things we want to make happen in our own lives. Make yourself realize it's what you want... Make it real. And once you've done that, make it happen. 

My goals are listed in no particular order... and like I mentioned, have no end date... some are continuous and more of a lifestyle and others are a one time thing.


Move on. Let go. Turn over a new leaf.
In life there are things that happen.  And it's normal to want to hold on to the way things used to be, it's natural to not adjust to change well.  However, I constantly remind myself to let things go and move on.

Find self worth.

Being on this journey of finding myself, growing, maturing, I find myself constantly asking, "what is my purpose?".  I always remember being told at a young age during religion class (#CatholicSchoolKidProblems) that God put us on this Earth with a purpose.  Well I'm not sure if I've accomplished mine yet, or maybe I have, either way I question what it may be.  All the time! I guess its just one of those things where you want to know but you don't know what you are looking for.  I'm sure some day at a wise old age I'll have my "aha moment" and think to myself, "well if I woulda known back then!"  But in the mean time, the guessing game is quite interesting and mentally stimulating.

Get educated... on anything and everything
I want to read whatever.  Become interested and be interesting.  And lately I have. I found myself interested in reading many different books, this summer alone I read about 8! But the funny thing is I've really gotten into some old classics. I want to read the Alchsmist. I never got a chance (or assignment) to read The Giver in school... guess what, now I have. But there is more. It goes beyond books. I just want to read about everything!  Spiritual stuff, fictional stuff, news articles, consumer reports, blogs. I just want to become more well rounded. And the thing is, I have my whole life to educate myself. It's funny how finishing my educational career has lead me to want to learn about so much more than what is taught in a classroom. Hey maybe I'll even write a book someday... Maybe. 

Go to nursing school.
I've always loved biological sciences. Now I'm not so sure I'd go back to school again. But if I did this would be an option for me. I always wanted to be one. Thought about working in the NICU. However the queezyness I get with blood and needles...and then you add little innocent babies to the mix that are really sick and suffering. Well let's just say I may be a strong woman... but I'm not strong enough for that. Either way... the idea of possibly going back to school still lingered. And I know that a continued education will always be an option available to me. Either way... if I go back to it, medical field it will be.

Read a ton of books.
I love reading. And I don't do it enough.  But getting into a really good book is such a thrill.  I can sit there reading for hours and never get tired.  It's like this urge to get to the end. It keeps you going and going.  I love reading all kinds of books, from Nicholas Sparks to John Steinbeck.  I mean really, recommend me a book.  I'll probably end up reading it. And the best thing about reading books, one that this generation is losing touch with, is actually having the book in your hands.  Feeling the pages between your fingers as you prepare to flip the page. smudging the ink and words on the page because you grip the page for too long.  The smell of books.  New and old.  You know the library that the Beast has, from Beauty and the Beast, and he takes Belle in there and pretty much says it's all hers.  Ya I want that! 

Read the entire Bible.
Being the good Catholic girl I am, I have definately had my fair share of reading scriptures and turning to the bible and the word of God for moral and spiritual support.  But I have yet to accomplish my goal of reading the Bible.  A top seller book.. in like the whole world and in multiple languages and different "editions/versions"... how have I not read through the whole thing.  Plus, I really do believe it has the answer to every problem, the words to ale every broken heart, broken down mind, and deflated soul.  So why not start reading it now.  Maybe I'll finish it soon.

Travel!... The whole world!
Wanderlust! I have it to the fullest. I need to experience it all. I want to see it taste it. Feel it. The world is mine for the taking. And I'm ready to have it. There is no greater passion stirring inside me that that which yearns for travel. I've started a bit of my travels, within the USA, Mexico, and Brazil. But I haven't even had enough of these countries yet. I'll never fully fulfil this goal if mine. But only because there just isn't enough time for me to see it all and because it's a thirst that will never end. Once you experience a culture... you will always want more. 

See the Wonders of the World.
So the Seven Wonders of the World I'm noticing change, or at least there have been some added to the list here and there.  However, I will say it now, and I will continue to say it until it is done.  I want to see ALL of the Wonders (or 10 or 20 or whatever the number will end up being).  If there is one traveling goal I need to have accomplished, it is this one.  I may not see all of them, since there are plenty of different kinds of wonders out there, but I want to see as many as possible.  I have been very fortunate to have seen some of those!  Just to show you a couple of the more recent ones...

Take a road trip down HW 1 in an old school convertible.
Although it would be absolutely fantastic to do this in an old (yet swooped up) convertible, I just really want to road trip it down HW 1 with my girls!  I know its a simple task really, but the older we all get the more involved in our own lives we become, and getting together to do something like this is really nothing that simple.  But I still hold out hope, that someday, we will get around to doing this.  I just want to do it in general.  I'm a California girl just dying to see my state coast side!  Simple request... but one I see myself accomplishing... So maybe you will see a post on this one soon!

Go to Thailand and swim with the baby elephants.
Yes I know this one is a very specific traveling goal.  But its emphasized for the Elephants! I mean come on... not only would I get to eat like my favorite foods, but I would get to swim with the elephants.  So frikin cool!  'Nough said.  Case in Point!

Move away. (maybe just live on my own)
I've always dreamed of a house on the beach... in San Diego to be more precise.  The idea has come and gone... and come and gone... and come and gone again.  However, at this point, I think what I really want is a chance to make it on my own.  To kind of "grow up", like forcefully, and learn to do things for myself.  And no I honestly don't want to wait till I'm married to do that.  That just seems scary to me.  And it defeats the point of doing things on my own.  Even if it's with a roommate, I can't just depend on a roommate to support me, but a spouse... well it might be a little easier for me to lean on to be supported in my time of need.  So there it is, my final take on what started out to be moving away has now came to learning to live on my own.  (with my own twist because like really alone is still to scary for me!)

Fall in LOVE. 
Easier said than done right. Especially with my beliefs about love. See I believe we love each person in a special way costumized for them. No two loves can be the same. You may love people with similar intensities. But they are still distinct. With that however, I do believe in true love. The kind of love you find in Nicholas Sparks books... you know that Notebook kind of love. Or hey let's even shoot for a Titanic kinda love, Disney fairy tail, if we wanna refer to movies.  But I do want that love... The kind that drives you mad but in the sence that no matter how crazy someone makes you feel, you crave more of that craziness. Yet at the same time, that caring, protective, no one else in the world but you and me, instant smile on your face, butterflies in your stomach... welll ya that kind of love. I hope to find that some day. I can say I have loved many at different "levels" and in different ways. But someday I know I will find that One. The one I'm meant to be with. The one I'll love forever. 

Get married and have a family.
This goes along with the previous. I have hope for this. It's really the one thing I've always known to be true for what I want in my future. There has never been doubt in my mind of it. I want to marry. I want to have children. And family already being the most important thing in my life... it just seems logical to have my own some day. Future occupation... MOM!

Dance Ballet Flocorico again.
These little dancing feet still got some boogie and twirls left in them. Plus I love make up so bring on the red lips!!  haha No but really, this was a huge part of my childhood... and if I learned how to do all these dances at the age of 3 then I had to have been born for it. Not to mention my love for my Mexican culture and the colors and music. It just seems fit! I would love to do it again. To perform. To glide across the dance floor. Wear my frilly skirts and tapping heels. I see it now. It's marvelous!

Be able to do the splits.
Silly goal to some... however, I have never in my life been able to do the splits, or a cartwheel, or anything of that sort that the cool kids were doing back in the day.  My legs grew way too fast and I was way to awkwardly tall for my age in many stages of my life... so, no flexibility to do the splits.  But someday, I want to get there... Someday.

Be able to do a head/hand stand.
This is a bit similar to the last goal, however it's slightly different.  Rather than just a childhood goal, or personal challenge just to do it, this one has a bit more to it.  I want to physically get myself to that point. Meaning that a lot of old injured parts of my body will have to be rebuilt in strength. And on top of that I just need to have more strength in general.  A physical shape that I have most likely never, even at the top of athleticism have had.  Again... someday!

Start a blog.
I wrote this goal down a few years ago.  I've always enjoyed writing and never thought it would actually happen.  Until one night I just decided to go for it.  I can easily admit that this is definately one of the best choices I've ever made in my life.  Although I know I slack on it quite often and have not written as much... or should I say published as much as I would have thought I would by now, I still feel proud of what I have published for you all to see.  I finally have a place to share all my ideas in the best way I know how to express myself.  If anything that I have done can give me instant peace of mind and help me through any situation, its logging on to this and jotting down an idea that is just eating at me to be said.  However, sometimes it being said just isn't enough for me.  It needs to be written.  To be made concrete.  Something that can be seen and read over again.  A place to share all my accomplished dreams.

Now that I have shared these dear dreams and goals.  My bucket list is never ending.  I honestly feel as though it will continue to grow.  And there is plenty I have done and shared and that I will do and share  that may not have made it to this list, but still feel like a life accomplishment.  One of them being that I attended a World Cup game.. and I guarantee I'll go to more.  2014 has definately been an amazing year for me so far.  And I can't wait to see how this journey continues. And to accomplish my goals. Are you ready to journey through it all with me?


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