Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hello 2015!!!

Photo Cred: Powerhouse Hydroponics
They say the people you spend your last moments with in the old year and begin your new year with, are the ones you will spend the rest of your year with.
That being said, I hope you all chose wisely, I know I did! 

Family is for me and will always be my number one. And that is why every year so far I've spent it with them. You can't beat the fun you have with those you can be completely and utterly yourself. And not to brag or anything... ok I'll brag a little... my family is pretty darn awesome!!!

So resolutions for the new year, do I have them?  Not really. I'm pretty much the same girl as I was at 11:59pm on December 31, 2014 and every day leading up that. So it's not a "new year, new me" type of deal this year. 

No this year, I'll become myself to the fullest. I've come to a happy place with who I've found myself to be and only expect to grow from here. This year is all about everything I started last year, the dreams I accomplished, the dreams I sparked, the challenges I set for myself, and the girl I found inside myself. And all I'll do from here is grow. I just want to continue my passions and have more of those great experiences. I'm open to anything new and exciting this life has to offer me. And for the things it has offered, to take full advantage of them. 

This year, I continue on the path I started last year, I don't start clean, I continue, but I continue on an inclined battle because once you experience how great life is when you do the things you love, you want more of it. 

So in attempt of reaching my goals I continue to reach to achieve, I've found a few ideas on what I can do. The ideas are most likely what everyone is pinning on Pinterest this month. You know the basic "save money", "lose weight", "eat better", "new hair", and so on about travel an fashion.  Basically thing I want to try and maybe get to write about. 

And  with that... the question that everyone has been waiting for...what am I going to do with the blog?  Well, new direction. Maybe more photos. More writing about my passions. And although talking about my personal experience is amazing for me, it's not always easy to put it all out there. I do want to still share about a lot in my life. But I'm going to go more in depth with things I love to do and talk about that. Expect it all!

I know I've been missing the whole first month of this year... but truth is, I've been writing this all month.  Writers block and busy planning other travels and activities.  Wine tasting and Mexico vacation really.  Stay tuned for the Mexico vacay post... the planning and all leading to the trip.