Sunday, April 12, 2015

This Traveler's Heart of Mine

I've come to the realization that it's both a blessing and a curse. I'm in constant wanderlust. Always excited when I read of new places and think to myself "someday..."  And the fact that a simple road trip just outside of my city/county limits can satisfy that crave is quite relieving because it's not always easy to pick up and go to far away lands.

However, working a 9-5 ( more like 7:30-4 really but either way) is not ideal. I start to feel the teaveling itch. I feel the need to jump out my chair and grab a change of clothes and just go somewhere.   

How can one live both the responsible adult life and make a decent living and pay off their bills and still live the wanderer's life style? Well truth is I haven't figured that out completely yet. But I'm working on it. 

The first step to traveling, I have realized is simple. Say "Yes!" to the opportunities that present themselves!  I find myself at a time where I have three major trips planned for the next year and a half... and who knows how many small trips to near by cities I may make between now and then.  (Oh the beauty of living in California, it's all a vacation spot)  I'll admit the trips, the time off, the money, have me a little stressed... but I like the thrill.  I'm enjoying it.  I'm dwelling in it!

Having all this wanderlust takes a lot of pre-planning.  I'm over here figuring out how many hours of vacation I will have by a certain time, how much I can have if I try a different benefit plan, and so on and so forth.  (And I hate math... so imagine my love for traveling to be doing this on a constant basis!) Not to mention the money.  How can I save more monthly? Should I pay off pending debts now or do it little by little so I am also able to add to my savings?  But the real question on my mind... WHAT DO I PACK?!?! haha Yes, I am a year or more away from two of these trips. But regardless, being the girl that I am, this is what worries me most! Priorities right!?

Well to keep this short, here are a few of the things of done to keep my mind sane while waiting for my vacation days to come and amongst all this planning...

My Pinterest Travel Board, it's pretty self explanatory.

My Pinterest Fashion Board just to pick out my outfits and for tips on how to pack.

My Instagram page for my blog where I follow all kinds of bloggers for inspiration and travel photos so I can picture myself in certain locations and get travel photograph tips.

One of my new obsessions to have all my blogs in one place Bloglovin where I follow travel blogs, fashion bloggers, health blogs, and there are so many more.  Check it out... it's quite handy!

Essentially I look up everything I want to see and do and wear and motivate myself through these mediums.  So if you find yourself in the same situation, I hope you this gets your through your wanderlust journey as it has helped me!