Friday, March 25, 2016

Planning my Summer

 It's been a whirlwind of the past few months planning out my summer. We've been planning a Euro trip/cruise for about a year now. And packed in so much detail of that planning into the last few months. Why did we plan it out so much you ask... Well because wedding season is a-coming!! And with that... I will be in a wedding that happens to take place on the beautiful white beaches of cancun!!!!

I must admit with all this last minute getting everything packed away and planned out, I can't help but enjoy the rush of emotion and excitement. To function in normal life routines right now is almost impossible. I'm always thinking and planning and moving about my day getting ready to go. 

So what are my plans for the summer... Well in just a couple days I will board the plane and head out to Europe. Can you say Bucket List.... Check!

I don't want to get too detailed now because I will definitely be writing about every place I visit once I'm back and show you all through photos. But I'm excited to visit some of the places in Europe I always dreamed I'd see. And my dreams are finally becoming reality!

And the coolest part about it is that not only do I head to Europe this summer, I'm witnessing two people I care dearly for get married on a beach in beautiful Cancun only a few weeks after I get back. I haven't been to the beautiful beaches of Cancun in years. I mean YEARS PEOPLE. Like since I was 3. Talk about first memories. I'm pretty sure that's why I have such a love for travel and the ocean! 

I've learned a lot in this process of planning. One, how to budget. Because these are not small trips by any means. And two, I really really really enjoy the excitement that comes with planning a memory with people you love. Because it's something you want to enjoy and make sure everyone gets the same pleasure as you do, it really does entail for so much detail. The planning really helps you get into that excitement as well. Like all you want in life is to live constantly in that thrill. Sometimes I think I should plan things for people. Travel, weddings, parties, etc. I mean really people, if you need it, I'm your girl! Haha

But on a more serious note. As I plan this summer of amazing trips and experiences, I realize that summer's have become this amazing journey for me. From Hawaii to Brazil. To Alaska. And now Europe and Cancun. I never want to stop. What a blessing to be on this journey. What a thrill to be so blessed. Journey through with me... On this adventure of summer 2016!!

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