Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Disneyland, California Adventure, Anaheim,CA 11.13.16

An early chilled morning.  I slipped into my She Hulk tshirt, the rest of my running gear, and said a prayer as I took a puff of my inhaler.  We walked to the start up corrals. We joked and ate our caffeine goo.  We sang and talked about playlist.  3.5 miles of running together through Disney California Adventure and Disneyland Parks (I never thought I'd keep up with them, but I did). An aching hip as we reached Tomorrowland (these hips don't lie... they ached like hell the next day). A few miles of me jogging and then walking to catch my breath.  I almost gave in to another puff of my inhaler and all of a sudden I make it over the overpass, and there it was, Angel's stadium.  I was that close to mile 8 and had actually ran farther than I had ever even trained for!  Angel's Stadium with the 50's inspired military and dance themed cheering crew was amazing.  I was smiling the whole way through, had texted my family to let them know I was about an hour away (it didn't take me an hour to get back btw), and I felt like I could finish, 9 miles in, 4 more to go.  So I jogged, walked, grabbed some poweraide, some water, and continued on my way.  I hear someone say the "balloon ladies are coming" and I decided, 'I will NOT get picked up by the cart!", so I decided to run.  Well, my body said "nah girl, you ain't running anymore!" so I said "fine, i'll jog.".... well that was ambitious, cramps from my toes all the way up my calves, no thank you.  I walked, well power walked, like how they show people on tv... ya I was that girl.  (come to find out, no balloon ladies... I was stressed for no reason) It took centuries to get to mile 12...But, coming in at mile 13 and seeing the fam was the best feeling!  I smiled and waved and ran to the finish line!

Who would have thought this girl could finish a half marathon, let alone sign up for one!?  I definitely did not think I could. Especially with all the physical obstacles I've faced with past/current injuries. Half way through my training I had knee problems, IT band was killing me, then... the vertigo, I could barely sit straight without getting dizzy. When I finally begantraining again I made it through a 6.2 mile run (where I had to walk about 1/3 of it).  I had decided that no matter what it came to, I just had to make it in 3.5 hours and I would feel accomplished.  During the run I was on the verge of emotional breakdowns about 5 times, physical and mental exhaustion. But I made it through 13.1 miles (actually it came out to be about 13.5). That's right this girl made it through her first half marathon. It's truly amazing what your body can do when you push it. The power prayer has to mentally keep you stable. And what a little bit of pixie dust does for the soul as well. Thank you God, thank you my family, and thank you Disney for getting me to accomplish what I never thought could even be a goal! Thank you for the journey through.